Culture Building

Do the members of your organization fully comprehend your mission and values?

Have you created a culture of learning, openness, and sharing?

Does leadership set a positive example for the rest of the organization?

Using a unique questioning style, Rising Sun Consultants helps you…

  • balance the emphasis on people and productivity
  • develop various ways to bring their values to life


We strongly believe that it is essential for any organization’s success to focus on its people’s growth and development. Our goal is to serve organizations in creating, developing, and maintaining a culture that inspires and motivates people to reach new horizons – both personally and professionally.

Reach your highest potential

How will we get you there?

At Rising Sun Consultants, we are committed to helping your organization reach its highest potential.

In doing so, we believe that it is vital to always…

  • remember how and where it all started, and
  • try to connect current decisions with your original values and beliefs


Working one-on-one with individual executives or managers, Rising Sun Consultants begins by helping you articulate a vision for where and how you want to see your teams/organization grow and develop. In addition, we help you clarify a set of values for working with your staff/organization and identify various individual and group strategies to engage and develop others.

We feel every individual involved with the process needs to have some level of understanding and input into all aspects of the system. Stakeholder involvement and buy-in are absolutely critical to maintaining a healthy and productive operation.

Steps to Building A Healthy Culture


Principles that we build on:

You will be asked a series of questions throughout the process to help you articulate your thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs in such a way as to highlight that which is most important to you.

Based on your answers, we interpret your position or status along several key dimensions to help determine where, if at all, you need our help, support, and/or intervention.

Next, we will design an implementation program based on our analysis of your position or status. Our goal is not intervention, but rather, to assist you in identifying areas of strength and those in which may require support.

Based on your desired timeline, we will provide the level of support necessary to successfully implement the strategies or plans developed in the design phase and assist you in building the capacity to carry out the interventions on your own.

Start today

Can we help you build a healthy culture in your company?

We would be honored to listen and hear your needs – and see if it’s a good fit for us to come alongside and help you meet your goals.


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