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Our Approach

Our approach to strong leadership development and building healthy organizational cultures centers on curiosity, candor and care. We don’t force our solutions on clients based on perceived problems.

We work with our clients to get to the underlying issues. Many times, we can help; sometimes we cannot.

If we can help, we’ll work together to implement strategies that align with your expectations, budget and time constraints. We’ve never utilized contracts or required down payments, and we don’t plan to start now. A handshake is all we need to get started. You can terminate our services at any time.

Step 1 - Talk with our team

First, one of our consultants will talk with you in person, virtually, or over the phone to gain a deeper understanding of your challenges, concerns, angst…essentially what keeps you up at night. We’ll discuss the reason(s) for why you contacted us and determine what will ease your pain. During the discussion, we’ll ask a lot of questions to determine if we are the right fit for you. We don’t come to the table with a pre-determined solution; we listen first.

Step 2 - Explore possible solutions custom to your needs

If we determine we can provide you with the necessary support to ease your pain, we then will walk you through potential solutions; building agreement in common language so that both parties recognize the underlying issues, as well as the plan for resolving those issues. Our solutions will only be implemented once honest and thorough collaboration takes place.

Step 3 - Develop a strategy

Next, we will break down the solution into specific strategies. We will again ensure that you understand these strategies, that they align with your expectations, and that they work within your budgetary and time constraints. We will also talk about the solutions you tried prior to contacting Rising Sun and why those solutions didn’t work. While your goals haven’t necessarily changed, we’ll discuss what needs to be done differently to ensure your success. Take the time you need to determine if we are truly the right fit for you and your organization.

Step 4 - Start transforming your organization

A simple handshake will start us on our journey together; that’s it. Rising Sun Consultants does not utilize contracts or require deposits. We will work with you to determine the payment option that works best. Rising Sun Consultants never wants a client to feel they are locked in with no means to opt out if they believe things just are not working as intended. We would ask for an opportunity to make things right, but will never prevent you from ending the relationship if you aren’t fully satisfied with our work or its results.

Our clients view us as a trusted partner; someone who cares deeply about their success and is equally committed to achieving it. Moreover, our clients know they hired the right firm with the right expertise, as well as someone who is willing to walk side-by-side with them throughout the process. Many of our past clients are also current clients because we continue to value their needs and concerns over our own. This philosophy has engineered our success and that of our clients for almost 20 years. Want to hear more from our clients? Click here.

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