Specialized Workshops and Retreats

Does your organization suffer from low employee morale and engagement?

Is there personal or professional dysfunction among team members?

Are high turnover and absenteeism problematic?

Your tailored Workshop or Retreat focuses on creating an enjoyable, effective, and custom-designed experience. Personalized assemblies can be conducted either individually or in packages of two or more. All workshops can be presented as either half-day or full-day sessions and can also be custom designed as off-site multi-day retreats.

Most Requested Workshops

You have access to the following workshop/retreats:

“Corporate Climate: The Talent Management Breakthrough Strategy”

Provides you with guidelines for how to build a strong organizational culture

“Emotional Intelligence: Enjoy Greater Mental Health, Exemplary Job Performance and Strong Leadership Skills”

Arms you with the ability to: 

  • understand emotion in the decision-making process
  • facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity
  • achieve superior performance in the workplace

“Finding Common Ground: Conflict Resolution for Individuals and Groups”

Gives you practical steps to resolving everyday disagreements and discord

“Generational Differences: A Unique Set of Values, Needs, and Worldviews”

Provides you with an understanding and practical strategies for working with the various generational groups present in today’s workforce

“Getting on the Same Page: Clarity and Consistency in Communication”

Outlines skills to increase individual and team effectiveness in communication, as well as the knowledge to answer the questions of what, when, how, how much, how often, and with whom to communicate

“Go for the Gold: Taking Your Team to a Higher Level”

Helps you…

  • learn effective team development skills
  • gain an understanding of group dynamics
  • build effective working relationships with other team members 


“Guided Reinvention: Helping Your Employees through Change & Transition”

Demonstrates the difference between change and transition and how these two concepts affect your organization and its people

“Interactive Decision Making”

Provides you with a practical approach to decision making and delegation

“To Thy Own Self Be True: The Importance of Self-Awareness”

Supports you in developing your self-awareness to recognize stress and pressure, and how to have greater control over the actions you take in response to your feelings and the feelings of others

“Developing Organizational Resilience”

Learn about the characteristics that contribute to building resilience and how to apply this knowledge to leadership, employee, and team performance.”

Benefits of Attending A Retreat

Benefits of attending a workshop/retreat

Our Specialized Workshops/Retreats will…

  • prepare you to better understand and navigate the complex systems of relationships between individuals, teams, and departments within your working environment  
  • show you to how to construct a strong organizational culture 
  • provide you with strategies you can use to engage your employees in ways designed to increase their involvement in the organization’s mission and vision

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