Supervisor Development

Do you struggle to motivate your employees?

Are your relationships with them strained or even non-existent?

Are employees not meeting expectations?

Supervisors have the unique challenge of leading for the long haul and managing in the short-term. You engage, teach, and motivate your employees. Your ability to handle immediate issues and concerns goes a long way towards creating loyalty and trust. 

As a result, you must be equipped to handle low morale, skill deficiency, and turnover. Additionally, supervisory responsibilities frequently carry additional customer-facing tasks, upward reporting to middle and senior management, and the potential struggles with your morale and lack of training.  

You play a critical role

How will we get you there?

At Rising Sun, we understand the critical role supervisors play and the impact you have on the organization’s health.

You are called to resolve conflict, maintain stated levels of productivity, and ensure that teams perform with excellence and precision. We created the 10 Keys of Effective Supervision™ Course as a tool to help you meet your unique responsibilities with success and without sacrificing your learning and development.

10 Keys Course

We used these ideals as the foundation for creating our 10 Keys Course.

The 10 Keys™ Course is comprised of (11) 2-2.5-hour classes. The course begins with an introduction to the concept of servant leadership. This style of leadership represents the foundation for not only the course, but Rising Sun’s philosophy as well.

“How people deal with conflict shows you the kind of people they are.”


The course then outlines ten separate steps, or keys, specifically designed to aid you in your capacity and ability to lead your teams. You don’t need to follow these steps in order. Instead, the 10 Keys™ represent ten strategies you can practice and master to drive the organization’s overall success.

The 10 Keys:

Supporting Growth
Providing support for employees’ personal and professional development

Uniting Your Team
Building a culture of care and concern among and between employees

Praising Others
Offering employees praise and encouragement; developing a motivational environment

Expecting Excellence
Setting high expectations for employees

Requiring Accountability
Upholding and reinforcing individual responsibility to the organization

Valuing What You Believe
Linking employees’ actions and behaviors to organizational values – building a healthy culture

Instilling Independence
Developing an atmosphere of hope, confidence, and autonomy

Sharing Continuously
Establishing open and honest two-way communication

Optimizing Ownership
Creating opportunities for employee contribution and buy-in

Realigning Your Efforts
Evaluating your efforts to determine if they match your desired outcomes

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