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The 10 Keys of Effective Supervision: Building Healthy Organizational Cultures through Servant Leadership is the culmination of more than a decade of study and research involving our corporate clients, as well as those who have attended our seminars and workshops on the 10 Keys of Effective Supervision™.

The 10 Keys™ approach differs from that used by many organizations as we see supervision as having more to do with coaching than strictly instruction and accountability. From our perspective, the supervisor’s role should have a balance between high expectations and accountability and establishing a culture that encourages individual growth and development.

“If you use this as a guidebook to coach and develop the supervisors who are closest to the action, and therefore influence most of your people, you will reap great rewards.”



For years, the statistics have been consistent. About three quarters of employees across the country are unhappy where they work. They don’t feel that their employer cares about them or values them. We strongly believe that it doesn’t need to be that way. So much of our life is spent in the workplace that for anyone to be laboring in misery is a shame, and countless organizations have a great opportunity to do better. With a change of heart and an assortment of skills, organizations can genuinely develop a dedicated, enthusiastic, and productive workforce.

A strong, clear culture is what makes a company great. In such a culture, the employees will serve the organization loyally—and not because they have to do it but because they want to do it. This greater loyalty in turn leads to greater productivity. Supervisors who develop in themselves the characteristics that we examine in this book will see a change in their lifestyle that transcends the workplace. It’s a change from an inward “me” focus to the outward focus on “others.” Life becomes more about serving the needs of others rather than having others serving you.


The 10 Keys™ is written primarily for middle managers or supervisors, those who have so much influence over the prevailing morale in any organization. For convenience, each of the 10 Keys™ has been organized into the following chapters:

“On the 10 keys of effective supervision book, first of all, it’s an amazing book, very well written and put together. This book will help anyone who struggles with or wants to learn how to be more efficient in their servant leadership and leadership role. Even I have learned more about the servant leadership role. This book will help any leader out there be more sharp and effective in their role. Thank you!”

1.    Supporting Growth—Providing support for employees’ personal and professional development.

2.    Uniting Your Team—Building a culture of care and concern among and between employees.

3.    Praising Others—Offering employees praise and encouragement and developing a motivational environment.

4.    Expecting Excellence—Setting high expectations for employees.

5.    Requiring Accountability—Upholding and reinforcing individual responsibility to the organization.

6.    Valuing What You Believe—Linking employees’ actions/behaviors to organizational values—building a healthy culture.

7.    Instilling Independence—Developing an atmosphere of hope, confidence, and autonomy.

8.    Sharing Continuously—Establishing open and honest two-way communication.

9.    Optimizing Ownership—Creating opportunities for employee contribution and buy-in.

10.    Realigning Your Efforts—Evaluating your own efforts to determine if they match your desired outcomes.


For more information about our 10 Keys™ book, or for information about our 10 Keys™ course, please contact Jim Rowell.

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