Leadership Development

You will develop the essential skills you need to be successful. From crafting a mission or vision to developing your organization’s strategic plan, you’ll lead in the present while staying focused on the long-term.

Supervisor Development

As a supervisor, you need to be an effective communicator, motivator, and problem solver. Under our guidance, you will learn to cultivate relationships with your employees that center on engagement, continuous learning, and trust.

Culture Building

Our approach to improving culture emphasizes the growth and development of your people, as well as their need to be motivated. You’ll go back to the beginning and look at things like mission, vision, and values. Once the foundation is established, we’ll arm you with the tools to drive employee engagement, creativity, and effective change.


Even experienced and successful leaders need someone to hold them accountable, to challenge them, and to ensure they are learning new skills. Our sessions are designed to help you increase awareness and put you in a better position to identify areas of development and execute a game plan for improvement and sustained success.


Our behavioral assessment tools are used to help you uncover your strengths/talents and those of your employees. You’ll gain clarity and insight into your organization’s ability to problem solve, communicate, and resolve conflict. We’ll work with you to fully interpret the results and determine the next steps.


We offer multiple workshops created to inform and educate you and your staff on the topics that are essential to your organization’s success. You’ll have options for both half-day or full-day sessions and receive materials designed to meet your organization’s unique needs. Many of our workshops were created from client feedback and requests. Let us know how we can address your most pressing issues.

Speaking Engagements

We can fill your organization’s need for a keynote speaker, a breakout session, or a webinar. Our speakers are also available before and after the presentation to answer your questions as well.


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As a member, you’ll get a chance to interact with us, have access to highly valuable resources only offered to members – including a forum and group coaching, learn more about our approach and philosophies, and talk to other servant leader advocates.

It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the Rising Sun Community. 

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