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Helping Create Healthy Organizations

You set the tone for your organization and represent the most visible example of the type of culture you want to have in place. It is also a fact that your leadership style plays a critical role when it comes to stakeholder involvement. 

At Rising Sun Consultants, we feel that effective leaders and healthy organizational cultures are created when an emphasis is placed on people, their voice, and their commitment to the overall mission. And we are equipped and ready to work with you in order to bring out your best, the best in your people, and the best for your organization.

Your best.
The best in your people.
The best for your organization.
Begins here.

How will we get you there?

  • Using time-tested and transformational principles of Servant Leadership
  • Placing a strong emphasis on stakeholder involvement
  • Focusing on the growth and development of people


We start by helping you to see things differently. Change takes time, but we’re relentless and we’ll help you to be, too.  You’ll get our best; we’ll need yours, as well. We’ll start the culture discussion and then show you how to keep it going.

When more and more of your people want the best for the organization, significant and lasting change occurs.

What you can expect...

  • An inspiring and motivating workplace culture
  • Engaging and committed leaders
  • Increased productivity
  • Employees who are reinvigorated and energized with a sense of purpose
  • Stronger communication across the organization
  • An organization that is primed for growth and success

Let's begin with a strong foundation.

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It Starts with a Servant’s Heart…

The best approach to leadership centers on a dedicated and intentional approach towards meeting the needs of others.  Through genuine service, communication becomes more robust and transformational change takes place.  


When leadership starts to look outward, the culture in an organization also begins to shift. You’ll see, firsthand, the impact a healthy culture has on team building, conflict resolution, innovation, and change management.  


One of the fundamental reasons for a poor organizational culture is lack of engagement. You will create a collective voice to the organization, generating increased buy-in.  


Servant Leaders are life-long learners. You will experience a shared mindset for growth based on awareness and humility.  


Part of learning stems from the training leadership receives. You will have the tools and expertise to prepare your staff to lead in both a compassionate and effective manner.    

“How people deal with conflict shows you the kind of people they are.”


Your organization’s cultural success and sustainability are our goals.

It’s our privilege to offer you the following services…

Leadership Development

Supervisor Development



Culture Building

Change Management

Strategic Planning

Let us elevate your leaders and organizational culture.

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