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A Servant Leadership Revolution!

Join Jim Rowell and John DeSantis in this podcast series as they discuss the transformational impact that Servant Leadership can have on the culture within your organization. To subscribe, listen, and leave a review, check out the links below. 

Recent Episodes:

Episode 23 – PPP: The Power of the Purposeful Pause

A great thinker, Ferris Bueller, once said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.” If only Ferris knew how fast life would move in 2021 compared to 1986.

While the world continues to get faster and faster, we are submitting a campaign for slowing down. One of the problems we as humans face is an inability to react both quickly and rationally….consistently.

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Episode 22 – Straight, No Chaser

Would you like your compliment sandwich on white, wheat, or rye? 

We’ll politely decline the sandwich overall and instead ask for a slow-cooked plate of relationship building, a side of trust, and we’ll finish it off with a tall glass of praise.

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Episode 21 – It’s Anybody is Self Aware, it’s Me

How well do leaders really know themselves? Many like to think they are excellent communicators or attentive listeners. Yet, the true numbers are usually much lower when leaders are pressed for additional insights and examples. So why the disconnect between those who think they are and those who actually are?

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Episode 20 – Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Lead

The practice of coaching has exploded recently as more and more leaders are looking to increase their overall effectiveness. However, the impact of coaching can be seen not just in the formal coach/client relationship, but also the supervisor/employee relationship as well.

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