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Join Jim Rowell and John DeSantis in this podcast series as they discuss the transformational impact that Servant Leadership can have on the culture within your organization. To subscribe, listen, and leave a review, check out the links below. 

Recent Episodes:

Episode 15 – Resiliency: This is Going to Hurt a Little

In this episode, we start a new series centered on a word that quickly became synonymous with 2020 and the ability to handle adversity; resilience. It’s our position that the ability to be resilient is comprised of three factors: personality, or our natural resilience; experience, or our exposure to adversity thus far; and skill set, or the tools we’ve developed in order to become more resilient.

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Episode 14 – Communication: Can You Hear Me Now?

Effective communication is vital to the success of an organization. So much that oftentimes it represents what leaders feel is one of the largest contributing factors to a poor company culture. While sometimes the issue lies primarily with the amount of communication taking (or not taking) place, other times this “quantity perception” is actually masking other problems.

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Episode 13 – The Pressure and Peace of Leadership: Many Hands Make Light(er) Work

As we wind down the conversation on the pressure and peace of leadership, we look at the peace that can come from looking outward. When we lead solely from the standpoint of satisfying our own needs, we miss opportunities to put others as well as the organization in the best position to be successful. This desire to satisfy our own needs can oftentimes lead to fear and arrogance; thereby increasing pressure.

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