To Evolve or Not Evolve – That is the Question

The concept of Servant Leadership hasn’t changed much since its inception and we’re not sure it needs to.

Do leaders need to evolve, or is there perhaps an evergreen or classical leadership approach that works consistently, no matter how the business world’s landscape changes? Do we need to keep reinventing the wheel?

Tried and True

While leaders need to stay current with today’s language, culture, and technology, the Servant Leadership model continues to check a lot of boxes; and then some.

Why? Because Servant Leadership is about people. When leaders focus on others’ needs above their own, they make better decisions, engage in healthy conflict, and become better problem solvers. Furthermore, highly engaged workplaces are actually more profitable, as well.

But what about the organization? Or personal development?

Make no mistake; servant leaders strive to improve performance in both the organization and within themselves. But while some leaders pursue these goals at the expense of their people, servant leaders feel these goals are achieved only through constant interaction and involvement with their people.

Employees engage more often when they trust their leaders are genuinely interested in their growth and development. And trust can only be earned when leaders are intentional about:

  • Meeting regularly with their people
  • Knowing about their passions, talents, and challenges
  • Understanding how each person learns, communicates, and ultimately needs leading
  • Setting goals that are appropriate and challenging
  • Identifying opportunities to stretch and empower 

Not only are employees more invested when engagement is high, they work harder, generate increased feelings of self-worth, are more inclined to stay at an organization longer, and are more likely to promote their organization to others.

Engage, Recognize, Repeat…

If your organization is thriving, maybe it’s because you have found the secret to treating people well. You have learned that serving those around you yields a massive ROI – and more than just monetarily.

As the old adage goes, “What gets recognized gets repeated.” Servant leaders don’t just engage; they actively look for opportunities to point out behavior consistent with hard work, team development, and the organization’s values.

Employees recognized for such behavior are more likely to continue displaying it. In fact, recognition has taken on equal and sometimes greater importance when compared with pay. More and more employees want to know their contributions are making a difference.

If you have not stepped up as a leader – serving the “greater good” by elevating those around you, the time is now!

Rising Sun Consultants can help build that foundation for your organization using a positive and uplifting approach while creating an openness and inclusion atmosphere. 

According to Gallup, employee engagement was approaching 40% before social unrest in the country, and the ongoing pandemic caused it to retreat (hovering currently at 31%).

Now leaders need to engage their employees with authenticity and compassion when they feel the world has not produced enough of late. Let us show you how.

Rising Sun Consultants is here to help you to develop the critical skills of engagement. Call us at 717-512-8958 to schedule a free consultation.

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