The Origin Story of Our Name Rising Sun

For nearly two decades, Rising Sun has equipped our clients to articulate their values and build thriving workplace cultures. This focus on values isn’t just something we preach externally; it’s core to how we operate. When our CEO, Jim Rowell, and his co-founder, Rick Pierce, launched Rising Sun in 2005, they chose a name that encapsulated our company ethos, laying the foundation of the culture we’ve been building ever since. 

Here’s what the name means to us (and why it matters to you):

1. Bright Hope for Tomorrow: Our name speaks to our resilience and optimism. At Rising Sun Consultants, we embody a spirit of perseverance rooted in hope. As individuals and as companies, our past doesn’t define us. No matter how dark the night, the sun ascends each morning. Each new day presents a fresh start, an opportunity to script a new chapter. The rising sun represents our company because we embrace the promise of a brighter future. 

Every time we walk into a company, we’re driven by our belief in new beginnings. Our hopeful spirit will help you hold on through challenges, and our helpful guidance will show you how to move from where you are today to a brighter tomorrow.

2. Nurturing a Growth Mindset: We steadfastly believe that all individuals possess the capacity for transformation. We acknowledge that growth and learning is a lifelong journey. Practice and effort lead to improvement, and mistakes and failures offer valuable opportunities for growth.

A growth mindset is, in many ways, a grace mindset. Often we meet with leaders and teams who feel burdened by the weight of past mistakes or “stuck,” as though they’ve reached the limits of their potential. As we introduce the idea that light can come after darkness, that past mistakes can be the foundation of present opportunities, that “walls” can be repurposed as platforms, we have the joy of seeing leaders offer grace to themselves and their teams. Together, we’ll redeem challenges and even mistakes to illuminate the lessons and growth that can result.

3. Mountains of Inspiration: The sun rises over deserts, oceans, and forests, but to us, the most iconic sunrise is always over mountains, as depicted in the Rising Sun logo. Both mountains and sunrises invite us to shift our gaze upward—and changes in perspective can be so clarifying. A change in perspective might come as we literally spend time in nature, receiving healing, encouragement, and clarity. Amid our bustling lives, these mountains remind us to bathe ourselves in the grandeur of something beyond ourselves and to prioritize silence and gratitude as we unplug not only from the digital clamor but also from the frenetic demands of existence.

As an organizational outsider, a consultant can help a leader or an organization restore vision and regain clarity through a shift in perspective.

At Rising Sun, our mission is to invest in servant leaders and build healthy organizational cultures. Our driving force is to create holistic social impact by raising servant leaders who walk humbly, act justly, and love mercy. With Rising Sun Consultants’ legacy spanning 19 years, we extend heartfelt gratitude to all our esteemed clients who have entrusted us with their partnership.

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Warm regards,

Jim & Ray

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