It’s Time to Make Lemonade

“Wear your mask.” 

“Did that little Italian place on the corner re-open?”  

“If we keep our vacation plans, will we have to quarantine when we get back before returning to work?”


Amid all the chaos and anxiously awaiting what lies ahead, one thing is sure – the mindset we choose to bear can make the difference in the way you live and affect others.

Effective leaders can look ahead despite not being able to see what lies directly in front of them.

When followers are scrambling and filled with doubt, they need someone to calm their nerves and be optimistic. Leadership is about being that calming voice and ensuring others that this, too, shall pass. 

Sure.  When is the underlying question? Things are worsening, right? Numbers are trending higher?  


Living a shell-shocked or helpless life will ensure more stress and anxiety as you wait for answers to the unknown. You can choose to fuel the fire of negativity and despair – or right now, you can start thinking about how to improve your quality of life and those in which you interact. 

The world has thrown us enough lemons; it’s time to start making lemonade!

Like the great visionaries of past and present, it’s time to consider what’s possible in the midst of the impossible. 


Leadership is about being resilient, and sometimes even a little foolish. Right now, we should pause and think, not stop and wallow. Let’s think about others. Let’s think about reshaping the current “norm.”  

Creativity doesn’t have to stop. 

Kindness doesn’t have to wane. 


There are still opportunities every day to make an impact. You still have a voice behind that mask. And you can always be a presence, even if it’s a virtual one.  

Leadership is not about hoping better times are ahead; it’s about knowing they are. It’s about staying the course to come out on the other side with a fury. It’s about helping others to join you and more yet to join them.

The current times, while harsh and uncertain, needn’t kill our spirit. Instead, they can be used as a platform to lift ourselves even higher than where we sat just a few short months ago. It may not, and most likely won’t, be comfortable. But if we choose to agree that a better tomorrow lies ahead, we’ll be able to get through today with a smile on our face and wind in our sails.


So, when the world throws you another lemon, you can step on it in despair, throw it back in anger, or transform it into something to be shared and celebrated. 

Let’s make lemonade.

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