Episode 9 – It’s Time to Make Lemonade

The Details

Jim and John start a new series that looks at turning our negatives into positives.  While the pandemic has shown us there are things which are certainly out of our control, we can still determine how we will approach life when adversity strikes. 

It all starts with mindset.  In times of adversity, we can wallow in feelings of hopelessness.  Or, we can make peace with the fact that we now have new challenges to face and new solutions to generate.  A little optimism still goes a long way.   

Furthermore, not to be lost during these challenging times are the opportunities we have to both interact and even impact others.  Leaders are taking it upon themselves to check in more often with their people and display some increased flexibility at a time when many can definitely use it.  Agile and innovative companies have figured out how to meet additional needs with existing resources.  And while many businesses are limited in how they can operate and how many customers they can serve, many are continuing to forge ahead with smiles on their faces and grace in their hearts.   

Adversity is a part of life; though our limits are certainly being tested.  We can let the negativity consume us, or we can make lemonade.  Let’s make lemonade!

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