Episode 29 – Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

The Details

Today’s workforce is one of the most diverse in history.  Workers fall into one of five (yes five) different generations.  While diversity and inclusion continue to garner a great deal of attention, organizations and leaders are struggling to address tension and conflict when it comes to many different people working together and interacting with one another.   

Perception is not always reality.  We like to say that our perceptions may be our reality, but are they truly reality?   

One of the greatest challenges to multi-generational cohesion rests with perception.  From perception of values, to work ethic, to tech savvy; many find themselves in poor relationships with co-workers because they’ve allowed their perceptions to become their reality.   

Furthermore, many individuals gravitate to others in the same generation or those who simply share the same perspectives.  There is comfort in aligning ourselves with those who agree with us.   

While this gravitational pull to other like-minded individuals gives off the impression of cohesion, the opposite is actually true.  In fact, when people can’t be around others who share their perspectives, many opt to isolate themselves or even avoid other workers outright.   

In this episode, we’ll break down these and other challenges associated with leading a multi-generational team.  We’ll also uncover some often-overlooked similarities that ring true across all people; regardless of generation.  Finally, we’ll tell you what recent research says is the ticket to bridging the gap and bringing your multi-generational team together.  

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