Episode 10 – Making Lemonade

The Details

In this episode, we continue our discussion around the mindset we choose to employ when dealing with adversity.  Effective leaders have the courage to behave differently despite what the environment or dynamic might suggest.   

Making lemonade is about balancing realism with optimism.  It’s understanding and accepting the present, while not letting it stifle optimism for the future.  Furthermore, it replaces a mentality for why something can’t be done (yeah but) with a strategy that focuses on solutions (now what). 

Effective leaders are visionaries who can see things very clearly when others cannot.  Sometimes, this vision labels them the fool for championing the unpopular or even unthinkable.  If putting emotion aside, opting instead to be rational and to maintain optimism and foresight; then we say, play the fool from time to time.

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