Episode 1 – Introduction

To engage or not to engage

Our initial episode centers on some of the underlying principles of Servant Leadership, such as engagement, care, and listening. Jim and John compare these principles to those associated with other leadership styles and work to dispel some of the myths of Servant Leadership.

Autocratic leaders provide a lot of direction, but this is because they don’t necessarily trust their people to get the job done without it or want it done “their way.” A leader who takes more of a hands-off approach may imply they are not micromanaging their people. While this may be true, another NOT that comes with this leadership style is the tendency not to engage their people.  

Servant Leadership offers the right amount of direction, coupled with the right amount of trust and engagement. Furthermore, servant leaders are proponents of continued learning and overall employee development. They set high standards; not as a means of pushing people to a level they can’t achieve, but to help them to realize their full potential while receiving the encouragement and support they need to succeed.    

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