Are You the Grinch at Holiday Time?

Dear Leader:

Rising Sun know how crazy busy it is right now for you and your team – trying to get back on track from the detours 2020 threw at us.

But it’s only going to get busier – you blink – and it’s the end of December!

That’s why we’d like to get this FREE RESOURCE into your hands right now. It’s a checklist designed to help you close out your year QUICKLY so you can get on to better things like:

  • Thoroughly enjoying the holiday parties with family and friends.
  • Getting to sit with the family and a bowl of popcorn to watch your favorite holiday movie – Charlie Brown, anyone?
  • Getting enough sleep at night so you can stay healthy.
  • Enjoying a guilt-free drive around the neighborhood to see the lights.
  • Taking your spouse out for dinner – just the two of you – to create one of those Hallmark moments with snow falling outside the window next to your table.


  • Sitting in your office 5 minutes before a family holiday dinner.
  • Having to call them and say you’ll be late – or worse, not able to go at all – because you didn’t plan to have everything done way before then.
  • Missing your child’s holiday program at school because your deadlines are dictating your day.

We tend to procrastinate. So this list made it fun and doable for us to complete our year-end tasks because we didn’t have to think about whether we had missed anything.

You know what our team experienced as a result? Peace! Tranquility! It stopped the mind-racing.

PLUS, checking off a to-do list is so satisfying! It just feels good to make that check mark and know you’ve been productive.

AND – you can reuse this list year after year! No more having to think through what needs to happen. Just print out a fresh copy at the beginning of every fourth quarter.

Avoid those awkward phone calls, download your free checklist, and start checking off all the essential tasks that have to get done.

Maybe for the first time ever, you’ll be done and ready for holiday fun rather than ending up like the Grinch! (Your friends and family will wonder what happened to you.)

Don’t be the Grinch.

This year, you’ll finish early – just in time for the holiday fun… Download this free checklist today, and be ready and relaxed for the holidays. And Happy Holidays from the team at Rising Sun Consultants!

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