How to Thrive Again in 2021

It’s the Fourth Quarter, and time is running short to determine how this crazy year will affect your organization  — next year and beyond. For many business leaders, the twists and turns of 2020 have left them shaking their heads, wondering what to do next.

You may be thinking, “Am I focused on the right things?” or “How do I catch up?!”

But before you can lead your team, you need a plan.  The tasks that lie ahead of you can seem daunting with all the various intricacies of economic and human resource decisions needed to move forward from here. 

It may be time for you to consider hiring a trusted partner to come alongside, shoulder to shoulder, to step in as an unbiased and objective third-party observer who will collaborate with leadership and employees alike…

… A trusted partner who can help you pick up the pieces, put them where they belong – where they make sense, and shine a light to help you see where you are going. 

You’ve worked so hard to position your organization for success – and then that Pandemic hit, possibly leaving you and your company reeling!  We’re here to help. 

Rising Sun Consultants can thoroughly assess your organization’s needs and get you thriving once again. No matter how tough the conditions, Rising Sun can take you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow. 

Specifically, we can help you:

  • Grow highly effective leaders
  • Get back to your core values
  • Gain clarity of purpose and direction
  • Draft a plan for the future
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve communication
  • Build better relationships
  • Lead transformational change
  • Support the creation of a unified and cohesive culture that will help the organization to flourish
  • Advance your objectives and desired outcomes forward to success
  • And Increase your bottom line!

So why go it alone.  You owe it to yourself to seek a partner that has your company’s best interest at heart. Contact us TODAY for a free assessment and let us set you on the path to sustained success.

Feel like you’re on top of things again.

Call Jim at 717-512-8958 today. OR go to to explore more services. You can email Jim at

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