How to Stay Connected Working Remotely


Some of you have needed to start working from home as a result of the COVID-19 quarantine. If so, this environment may be new to you. Some of you have been hybrid employees for a while (working from home part of the time.)

The challenges leaders are facing now are in staying connected with their departments, coworkers, and teams of coworkers. You used to meet in a huddle daily or weekly; now you need to see each others’ faces on your laptops, using Zoom or other modes of video communication.

You need to ramp up your communication and figure out how to keep employees engaged during this time of isolation when it’s easy to check out and let work slide. 


If you are an employee, who is suddenly in isolation with no supervision, you may be wondering how you will look to your supervisor. You may wonder what they are assuming about your productivity.

After all, he or she has new stresses now and may not be handling them well. How will that affect their relationship with you? If there is no foundation of a relationship, to begin with, you may fear what could come of this time apart.

In your case, be proactive with communication rather than shrinking. Your supervisor will appreciate how you are checking in with them. It will relieve their fear of the possible decline of productivity. 

The communication you have with your leader will build a relationship you may not have had in person.


Leaders, how do you know if employees are still working at the same pace, amount of hours, or with the same level of engagement they had when face to face in the office? 

Do you know what challenges they are facing personally? How are you making the time and effort to communicate with each individual in your department? Do you know the right questions to ask?

If any of these issues resonate with you, Rising Sun Consultants can help. We understand the engagement challenges you face when things are normal.  And now that everything has been elevated, we all need each other all the more. 

Communication with team members and employee engagement is at an all-time critical point. It has never been more crucial to be on your A-Game. 

And it can’t be emphasized enough. During this time, there’s no such thing as over-communication with people. It has to ramp up just to stay on top of things. And everyone involved will appreciate the interaction. Check out this article on socially connecting.

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Stay well, and be safe.

– Your Team at Rising Sun Consultants.

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