Episode 7 – Transactional vs Transformational Leadership: Leading for the Long Haul

The Details

In this episode, we round out our discussion by focusing on the long-term focus and benefits of transformational leadership.  Transformational leadership, unlike its transactional counterpart, is not just a means to an end.  It’s an opportunity to improve processes, drive change, and alter the status quo.  The leadership mindset is one that is proactive, as opposed to reactive.  Transactional leaders can get stuck in the present.  Transformational leaders, however, move towards a future that maybe only they can easily see.  This unknown can scare certain leaders and energize others.  Vision, like faith, is about believing in something you cannot see and dedicating your life to reaching it.  Transformational leaders generate excitement for the future, trust their people to play the necessary roles, and provide ongoing support in the process.  In the end, their success hinges on the success of their employees and the organization; not simply their own efforts. 

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