Episode 26 – Caught in the Middle

The Details

Author and professor, Adam Grant, recently wrote an article in the New York Times.  In the article, Grant discusses a concept which centers on the “stagnation and emptiness” that many are feeling as a result of the pandemic and other current stressors.  He refers to this aimless feeling as languishing.  (You can find a link to the article below.)   

As many people wait for normalcy to return or a new normal to play out, they find themselves mired in this state of languishing.  This has bred feelings of hopelessness, despair, and other strong emotions derived from a prolonged state of anticipation and negativity.   

Some may experience escalated levels of languishing which border on or may even indicate an early sign of depression.  They’ve lost jobs, loved ones, or simply struggle to find sources of happiness and satisfaction.  Others may experience more tempered levels of languishing to where a certain level of confidence remains and, with enough positive experiences in which to build on, they could emerge from their joyless state.  

We urge those of you who are waiting to fight the feelings of languishing until some semblance of normalcy returns to stop waiting.  Make the choice to start fighting those feelings today.   

Focus on what is certain, as opposed to waiting for the uncertainty to take shape.  Embrace the positives, even if they come lately in small doses.  Go back and listen to our series on resilience and start developing the tools you need to be successful and joyous in less-than-ideal situations.  Lastly, have the courage to ask for help.  Seek out the wisdom and counsel of those who can help you to generate the confidence to not only live a life without languishing, but to genuinely thrive.   

And if you’ve managed to fend off the effects of languishing, be a source of comfort and support to someone who may not be as fortunate.  Look for signs of languishing in others.  Are they not their usual selves?  Are they absent of emotion; good or bad?  Are they struggling to see the positives in the midst of uncertainty?  Be a light when all that others see is darkness.   

If you’d like to check out Adam Grant’s article, click the link below.   

Grant also recently published his latest book, Think Again.  The book offers fresh perspectives on how we formulate our opinions, interact with others, and make decisions.  Click the link below for more information.   

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