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Category: Book Review

Leading without Authority

BOOK FACTS Title: “Leading without Authority: How the new power of co-elevation can break down silos, transform teams, and reinvent collaboration“ Author: Keith Ferrazzi Publisher:

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Think Again

How might our lives look different if we listened more or asked more questions? We’ll break it down in this month’s OOR piece.

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Episode 32 – The Bold and The Atypical

We often hear that effective leadership requires bold decisions and behavior.  However, servant leadership principles tend to illustrate a very different type of leader from what most people are accustomed to.  While we don’t disagree with the premise that leaders need to be bold, we want to look at the term through a different lens in this episode.   

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Episode 29 – Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

When is the last time you paused and gave thanks for the things in your life that you know to be true and good?   

There is growing research on the multitude of benefits associated with gratitude.  From physical benefits such as the ability to lower stress and create better sleep habits, to psychological benefits like increased satisfaction and resilience; implementing a regular practice of gratitude can have a significant impact on our lives.  

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